The Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd experience

Bernard Nii Armah Ghartey
Class of 2012 MIS

I had the best of working experiences ever during this summer vacation when I interned with Newmont Gold Ghana Ltd (N.G.G.L). The quantum of knowledge I received and the skills I have developed over the past three months have been phenomenal. My internship was based with the Accra Office at East Legon.

It was my goal to find a start-up or a relatively small company to work with, so that i do not get lost in a large complex organization, where my contribution would be hardly felt. I therefore hesitated when I got the Newmont offer. Fortunately, I landed in a small department of eight (8) people, who were very smart in all respects and ready to teach and offer help.

The culture of Newmont can be likened to that of Ashesi in many respects. There is an open door policy (and the doors at Newmont are actually left open and at all times). I could easily walk into any office and ask for needed help without any hesitation. The people at Newmont were generally welcoming.

They also had this policy of holding frequent department meetings as well as one-on-one meetings (with your reporting supervisor). The entire department meets at the beginning of the week and discusses the workload for the week. Individuals are assigned to various aspects and at this point, there was no discrimination as to whether I was an intern or not. I was given equal responsibilities, equal treatment and respect. The one-on-one meetings were also held mid-week where employees go in turns to discuss progress of their work load for the week and any other issues (even if personal as far as it impacts the work you do). This I found very encouraging and workers were generally motivated by this.

I got the opportunity to get my hands dirty in a lot of projects. I made mistakes and learnt a great deal from them. I was also given the opportunity to work on my own on a very important investment project.

I got the opportunity to travel to their mining site at Ahafo (in Brong Ahafo) for a week. We had the difficult task of meeting each functional department within the company to gather capital data to create a budget plan for 2012 till the life of mine.

During my internship, I was directly involved in the capital budgeting process for N.G.G.L. Here, I was responsible for gathering information from project managers on the actual monthly spends. Based on this figures, capital forecasts were made accordingly. I also played a significant role during the monthly Investment Review Panel (IRP) meetings, where proposed projects are evaluated to ascertain whether they deserve the commitment of the company’s resources.

I was also solely responsible for the monthly variance analysis of all projects in NGGL’s portfolio during my three months of stay. The nature of my work equipped me with several skills especially in the use of Office applications. Ashesi’s reliance on these office tools and frequent use during class presentations, assignments and other exercises was a great advantage that helped me to easily adapt.

In all, I think Newmont Ghana is a great company to intern with. I had to often remind myself that I was only an intern and not a full time employee because of the way I was so perfectly integrated into the company. Newmont helped me enhance my skills and abilities and offered me hands-on experience that will forever positively impact my work input and output anywhere I find myself.

Newmont was a great experience!