Oxford & Beaumont Solicitors

Maame Abena O. Owusu-Acheaw
Class 2012 BA

The journey to Oxford & Beaumont Solicitors started on a very uncertain ground. Uncertainty crept in all because, for a long time I had not considered law as a prospective profession or career. Eventually, I managed to clear these doubts and uncertainty and then filed my application for the internship position. With much effort and determination, I made it through an aptitude test and then an interview. The aptitude test was a very unusual one, which asked us to answer questions in relation to the legal field. The test was a practical example of a case and had questions that tested our understanding of the law and also our writing skills. The interview was not very different from the test, as it also assessed our oral communication skills. In all, these procedures were not exactly easy, but with the strong believe that I had in my abilities along with the strong desire to assess my abilities in a legal working environment, I made it through successfully.

Though a very short stay, running from the 5th of June to the 30th of June, 2011, I can boldly say that this internship experience has been an eye-opener for me. It was not just a history of an internship for my CV, but also helped unearth a lot of the hidden abilities in me. In addition, I can proudly say that I have not only widened my network but I have also made very good friends I can seek help from especially with issues relating to law. Within four (4) weeks of internship, I had learnt a lot about the legal system in Ghana and had also gained experiences in a variety of areas in the legal setting, specifically in relation to the firm. This internship was one that taught me the law and the legal setting in both theory and practice.

Over the 4 weeks of internship, I got the opportunity to rotate through the 4 departments within the firm, devoting a week each to a department. As part of the firm’s culture and way of doing things, I participated in 3 general and 2 departmental meetings during the period. At these meetings, I was not just a mere intern but considered a colleague who together with the team members planned the week ahead. Various presentations and discussion sessions were held for the interns, including myself, on a varied range of topics. These topics ranged from introduction to the legal system and the law, through improved communication skills (both written and oral), especially in the case of a lawyer, to general topics that would aid our stay both at the firm and in school.

The trips to the courts of Ghana, the arbitration center, and the registry were some of the field trips the interns including myself were fortunate to be a part of. And to crown it all, the different tasks that were assigned from the various departments went a very long way to help me understand the four (4) branches of the law being practiced in the firm. On the whole, I enjoyed the tasks assigned and also did learn a lot from them.

Oxford & Beaumont Solicitors is one place I would always like to go back and work some day in the near future. The culture of the firm is what makes it stand out from the rest of the companies I have been to or heard of. Until I experience a better one, I say that Oxford & Beaumont Solicitors is the only company I know of with a conducive and very reliable internship program for any student, not just wanting to be a lawyer, but one who would want to build his or her personality for a better career in the future.