Young Africans are challenged to create new solutions

African solutions to African problems

Prof. David K. Leonard
, Sussex

Ethical leadership and innovative thinking for a new Africa

  • Challenge: Africa needs home-grown, ethical leaders who care about their fellow citizens, and local, innovative talent.
  • Response: A new kind of African university – Ashesi (Ah-SHEH-see)—that fosters ethics and problem-solving.
  • Result: Ashesi graduates demonstrate the motivation, and the skills, to create new solutions to today’s challenges, and to work for lasting progress in Africa

Ashesi graduates work for progress across Africa.

Over 95% of Ashesi’s 424 graduates stay in Africa. Graduates work for efficiency, transparency and innovation in microfinance, technology, banking, NGOs and other areas. They improve the lives of fellow citizens and help grow Africa’s economy.

Ashesi graduates succeed. Every Ashesi graduate, since our first class of ‘05, has found quality placement within months. African businesses and NGOs value their strong problem solving skills, pro-active approach, and ethical integrity.

Success for women and for students from poor families

To date, Ashesi has given over $3 million in financial aid to students in need. Nearly 40% of our 500 students receive aid; about 20% come from families in extreme poverty; about 50% are women. (The percentages vary from year to year.)

Founded by a visionary African, to meet Africa’s critical need

When Patrick Awuah, (above, second from right), Ashesi’s Ghanaian founder, decided to leave his successful US software career and return home, he founded Ashesi to address Africa’s biggest roadblocks to progress: the need for ethical leadership and innovative thinking. Ashesi opened in 2002.

Ashesi has won many African and international awards, and our influence is growing. Groundbreaking research programs, with partners such as Nokia and IDS, are piloted at Ashesi, then rolled out across Africa. Ashesi has sparked conversations about the importance of critical thinking skills, and sponsored a national conference on ethics.

A unique curriculum, with outstanding results

The Ashesi curriculum, unique in Africa, prepares graduates to create change.

  • Critical thinking, problem-solving: small seminar classes, liberal arts core.
  • Ethics: strict honour code, community service, 4-year Leadership Seminar
  • Real-world complexity: cutting edge business and technology programs emphasize core-concepts; in-depth projects address local problems and challenge students adapt skills to African realities.

A new sustainable model for Africa

Ashesi covers operating costs with the tuition and fees from students who can afford to pay, while giving students in need financial aid.

Donors’ generous contributions help us grow, fund new programs, and provide more scholarships to students in need. Thanks to donations large and small, our new campus home was opened in August, 2011.

At Ashesi, we combine ground-breaking innovation with thoughtful attention to financial discipline, and institutional stability.


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Graduates who take responsibility

Derrydean Dadzie '06, Co-Founder and CEO of DreamOval Ltd, was awarded the 2011 Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Youth Excellence Awards.

At 28 years old, Derrydean Dadzie is one of Africa's youngest CEOs and his company, DreamOval Ltd, is already rubbing shoulders with top Ghanaian businesses to develop high quality software services for the region.

An economist’s view:

Former World Bank - IFC Director calls Ashesi, “An accelerator for change”

In my years with the IFC, I saw dozens of projects in Africa, and Ashesi is by far the best-run and most effective. Ashesi students are receiving a transformative education, unique in Africa... This university, created and run by a visionary African, is what Africa really needs, and hence deserves our generous support.

-Peter Woicke, Former Board Chair, International Save the Children Alliance; Former Managing Director, World Bank, Current Board Chair, Ashesi University Foundation