Ashesi student with film producer and actor Ron Simons

"No US college I've visited is this exciting!"

Ruth Warren, donor

Ashesi Friends and Donors Speak

Our donors live in Europe, the United States, and Africa. Their gifts, small and large, help Ashesi grow, and provide scholarships to students from poor families. By investing in Ashesi, our donors are investing in lasting progress for Africa.

“ provide an Ashesi education to a deserving student..”

We wanted to provide an Ashesi education to a deserving student at a cost we could afford, and we wanted to cast a tangible and public vote of confidence in Ashesi, supporting its growing success in empowering students to bring positive change to Ghana, Africa, and the world.

Swarthmore professor Fred Orthleib and his wife Vera. The Orthleibs sponsored Romeo Owusu Aning’s Ashesi education. Romeo could not afford high school; he taught himself, then tutored children in his village. Fred once taught Patrick Awuah, Ashesi’s founder, at Swarthmore and has taught at Ashesi.


Left to right: Professor Fred Orthleib & wife Vera; Romeo Owusu Aning, the student they sponsored; Kristi Helgeson at Village of Hope, where Ashesi grad Araba Amuasi is Chief Operations Officer; donor trip outing to the Kakum National Park; Ashesi volunteer Ruth Warren with Caspar Annie, Ashesi’s Chief Facilities Officer.

“ underwrite the cost for a scholarship student to live on campus..”

Last year, I had the chance to visit Ashesi. I saw how Ashesi is a truly inclusive place; Ashesi has made giving aid to economically disadvantaged students a priority. And as Ashesi builds community on its new campus, our family wants to help ensure that students from diverse economic backgrounds can be included in every aspect of the new campus community. That's why we will underwrite the cost of one financial aid student to live in Ashesi’s beautiful new dorms. Students from poverty bring valuable perspectives to the Ashesi community’s work in creating a better future.

Kristi Helgeson, Legal Counsel, Adobe Systems Incorporated, and Ashesi University Foundation board member.

Learn More: Ashesi Scholarship Fund and Housing Campaign.

“..I spent time in Ghana...with Habitat for Humanity. I saw first hand...”

At Ashesi I spent time with students and was stunned by their ability and knowledge, but mostly by their positive attitude.

Ashesi could be a real game changer in Africa: traditional colleges in Africa tend be very subject focused, teaching facts. Ashesi is focused on critical thinking skills and getting people to question the way things are, and to think outside the box.

I spent time in Ghana, volunteering to help build houses with Habitat for Humanity. I saw first-hand how a more innovative, pro-active approach could benefit this region. Ashesi graduates don’t memorize steps, they learn to continually seek out areas for improvement, and create more efficient, effective solutions.

Ashesi isn’t just a new university; by moulding strong, well-rounded, ethical leaders, Ashesi is seeding a new generation of leadership in Africa

Rob Short, Corporate Vice President (Retired), Windows Core Technology.


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Donors visit Ashesi

An inspiring chance to watch graduates at work, and talk with the Ashesi community.

Ten days were not enough. Every event we attended was filled with excitement, from the entering class of 2014, to the current students who presented themselves with confidence and pride, and to the graduates who shared their plans to create change in their workplace and their country.

- Annemarie Welteke Director of Library & Information Services at Saybrook Graduate School(shown at left, with Ashesi graduate Araba Amuasi.)

A teenager's view:

At Ashesi, everyone was eager to include me. I joined students enraptured by a philosophical discussion of poetry and watched them give presentations about their projects to improve microfinance, re-organize payment systems, improve orphanages, and more.

Ashesi is filled with joyous, committed individuals. Also, the weather in Ghana in August is not too hot, the rain forest was great, people are friendly, and my little brother and I had fun.

- Rachel Warren (left), visited at age 14 & 17, now a freshman at Wesleyan University CT