President Carter praises Ashesi focus on honour and integrity

Jimmy Carter invites Ashesi founder to Carter Center.

Expert Endorsements

“.Ashesi fills an important need.

Ashesi fills an important need. By taking an innovative approach, the college has reached a new level of achievement and excellence, and is an example for the rest of Africa.”

Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the US, Founder of the Carter Center

“..guaranteeing future generations of leaders..”

Ashesi University in its commitment to ethics and civics is guaranteeing future generations of leaders for Ghana, Africa and the world.

2009 John P. McNulty Prize award to Ashesi founder Patrick Awuah; Jurors: Madeleine K. Albright, Olara A. Otunnu, Judith Rodin, and Anne Welsh McNulty.


“..home-grown leadership... will finally make the difference for Africa..”

There is an increasing recognition that poverty reduction, while important, will not move Africa forward on its own. Rather, Africa must be able to create and keep its own middle class. Such a middle class will provide the political, academic and business leaders who can engineer real development in Africa. It will be home-grown leadership and local talent who will finally make the difference for Africa. Financial aid can provide Africa with physical infrastructure, but it cannot provide leadership - only a local, innovative institution like Ashesi can do that. An investment in Ashesi is, therefore, an effective and leveraged investment in Africa’s future.

Peter Woicke, former managing director of the World Bank; former board chair, International Save the Children Foundation; board chair, Ashesi University Foundation.


“...deserves to attract more notice and attention from Western donors...”

I have visited Ashesi three times, and I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and talent of the students. The curriculum teaches young Africans to solve problems, not just engage in rote memorization. This high-quality African university, started and run by a Ghanaian, which offers scholarships to young West Africans eager to improve their talents, deserves to attract more notice and support from Western donors.

William Easterly, Professor of Economics at New York University, author of several books including, The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good.


“..anyone...serious about wanting African solutions to African problems..”

Ashesi is an African-initiated innovation to use higher education as a vehicle to build integrity and creative problem-solving (rather than rote learning) into the next generation of African leadership.  It provides a first class education, offers special opportunities for women, and goes out of its way to include the poor.  Despite its modest size it has high visibility in Ghana and already has stimulated changes in Ghanaian higher education.  But most important, it is  powerful testament to West Africa of what an individual and institution of absolute integrity can achieve in an environment troubled by corruption.  Anyone serious about wanting African solutions to African problems should be supporting Ashesi.

David K. Leonard, Professorial Fellow in Governance, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex; Dean Emeritus, International and Area Studies, UC Berkeley; Member, Ashesi Board of Trustees.


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Donor Profile:

From Ashesi skeptic to strong supporter

- Paul Maritz, CEO, VMWare; Board Chair, Grameen Foundation

When Patrick Awuah (Ashesi’s founder) told Paul his plans for Ashesi, Paul wondered if a straightforward technical college might be a better fit for Africa.

Then, Paul visited Ashesi and saw, first hand, how Ashesi’s unique curriculum is fostering the leadership qualities Africa needs.

Paul Maritz on Ashesi:

Fundamental change in Africa requires enlightened, committed and home-grown African leadership.

Ashesi is a uniquely African institution that empowers bright, ambitious African youths to think for themselves and prepares them to develop their own solutions to their continent’s challenges.

Ashesi is thus both a strategic and highly leveraged way to provide support.