Graduates founded DreamOval, a successful software company

Senior project launches a new software venture

Graduate and Project Profiles

Work speaks louder than words:

Does Ashesi’s unique model of education in Africa deliver results? When you read about these inspiring student projects, service experiences, and graduate stories, we think you’ll agree that it does.

Reflections on Ashesi's impact in 2012

December 21, 2012

As I reflect on this, the year of Ashesi’s tenth anniversary, I am amazed and inspired by what we have all accomplished.

We were all pleasantly surprised when Ashesi was nominated among the ten most respected [ Read more...]

Bernard Ghartey '12: Ashesi reformed my thinking

“If there is anything I’m going to miss, it is being able to sit with my classmates and other students, even freshmen, to discuss how we could transform our nation.” - Former student government law maker, and 2012 "Scholarship, Leadership, [ Read more...]

Ahmed Moughrabi '12: I feel ready to take on anything

“I really wanted to help build a community that recognized the importance of active sports. [...] But most importantly, I wanted to encourage students to live healthily. A culture of incessant learning can actually be bad for learning [ Read more...]

Diana Osei '12: I am grateful to Ashesi

“I remember times in my first year when I would go home, and write out my codes on a piece of paper. Sometimes I would come to campus as early as 7:30 am to finish up homework. I laugh when I think about it now, but it was very challenging [ Read more...]

Creating one of Nigeria’s most successful mobile applications: Zubair Abubakar ’08 shares his story

An avid web/mobile application developer, Zubair Abubakar ’08 started application development while a student at Ashesi, where he studied Computer Science. While at Ashesi, Zubair developed the first election portal for the Ashesi Student [ Read more...]

Bridging a divide: Kobla Nyomi '11 discusses his Oware 3D game, and why he is building it

Everyday, African thinkers and innovators are finding new ways to make technology more relevant to our continent. Ashesi alumnus Kobla Nyomi has found another way to do that—through the mobile app store.

Kobla Nyomi is three things: a [ Read more...]

Fred Deegbe Jr. '06: How I 'Heel' The World

A few years ago, Fred walked out of a store in Ghana with a new pair of high-end Pierre Cardin shoes. As he admired his new shoes, Fred wondered why craftsmen in Ghana could not have made them, and it was this very question he asked the cobbler [ Read more...]

Phoebe Acolatse '11: Vodafone Global Hero

There are few people at Ashesi who are not familiar with the name Phoebe Selassie Acolatse. From leading a community-sponsored walk that raised over USD $6,000.00 for the Ashesi Scholarships Fund in 2010 to being one of three students chosen to [ Read more...]

Two Ashesi graduates create French and Twi computer programming languages

Toure Abdourahmane ’12 and Lady-Asaph Lamptey ’12, recent graduates at Ashesi, tell us about their senior year projects which were aimed at expanding interest in programming by creating Twi and French programming languages for Ghana and [ Read more...]

Festus A. Agoabasa '12 - from Gardener to Programs Assistant

When Festus joined Ashesi as a gardener in 2007, he had been told by some friends and colleagues that it was a university for wealthy families only. Festus, the second of four children two of whom had not received any formal education, believed [ Read more...]

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Examples of Ashesi Student Projects:

  • Sensor-based programs to detect illegal logging

  • Risk analysis of microfinance lending to impoverished clients

  • Automatic backup system for mobile phone contacts

  • A plan to improve the processing of goods in the Port of Accra

  • Software to translate mobile phone text messages to French

  • Reprogramming traffic lights to reduce congestion

  • A secure, time-saving system to pay utility bills based on prepaid cards

  • Financial software for mobile phones

  • Academic resources scheduling software

  • A system to broadcast business messages to employees via mobile phones

  • Educational software teaching photosynthesis

  • Mobile field-data consolidation to protect local wildlife

  • And many more

  • Every senior must complete a major thesis project