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A selection of blogs by members of the Ashesi Community.  These blogs represent the views and perspectives of their individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Ashesi University College.

Accra books and things - Nina Chachu (Head Librarian)

Accra. Accra Book Club. Accra Mall. Alba Sumprim. Alice in wonderland. Ayesha. Harruna Attah. BarCampGhana. BIGS. blogging. book fair. book launch. books. blogs. book shops. Caine Prize.

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Kajsa H. A. (Lecturer)

African Academy. African Child. African politics. Aid Debate. Ashesi University. Barack Obama. Blogging. Books conference. Culture and Arts. Everyday Life in Ghana. Food and Drink. Football.

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Multilogue: Mind and Matter - Dr. Lloyd Amoah

Multilogue grew out of a thread on g-mail started in 2008. It seeks to concentrate some of the finest Ghanaian minds on the pressing questions of contemporary Ghana.

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Ogyakrom - Dr. Esi Ansah

Reflections on life in Ghana.  Reflections on life as a returnee.  Reflections on life.  Reflections on . . .  Dr. Ansah tackles a wide range of subjects, from politics to spirituality, in her Ogykrom blog.

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