Life at Ashesi

Ashesi is a community full of excitement and adventure. Students at Ashesi are full of energy, and continue to create and define their own campus culture. The stories below, written by students themselves, share some of the student activities that happen at Ashesi.

Ashesi's 10th Anniversary Homecoming

Ashesi’s tenth anniversary climaxed with the Homecoming ceremony. Over the years, Ashesi has sent about 300 graduates into the corporate, community-service oriented and ‘freelancing’ worlds. In short, Ashesi graduates continue to blaze the [ Read more...]

Basketball Tournament (Ashesi, Maritime and Methodist College)

The ball barely escaped his fingers in time, the whistle blew, the fans held their breath as the ball in seeming slow motion travelled the 'shooter's path' - Swish!!!!!! Almost immediately, the fan rushed onto the court, the euphoria was just [ Read more...]

Floetry Night

One quiet Wednesday evening, early in the semester, when a group of boys gathered in the Cave to hold the first Floetry Night, no one knew what to expect. Fifteen minutes after the supposed start time, the show still had not begun as the [ Read more...]

Ashesi Code Fair

Ashesi University, Methodist University and Pentecost University came together for the first ever Ashesi Code Fair held at the Ashesi University College Campus, Berekuso. This Code Fair was organized by Ashesi University and sponsored jointly by [ Read more...]

Berekuso Hiking

The hike began from the environs close to the Ashesi campus and ended in one of the steep hills of the Berekuso township. This event was organised by Felix Tetteh and it took place on 17th September, 2011. About 20 people turned up for the event [ Read more...]

Camping trip

The much anticipated and much hyped ‘back to basics’ overnight camp came off on the 29th October, 2011. About 50 students, who had registered for the experience, spent the night in an abandoned structure on the same hill as Ashesi. The idea [ Read more...]

Art Day

This fun event was organized by the Art Factory Club on the 26th of October 2011. The theme that was used for the event was African. Every item on display had an African touch to it. It was a day of art exhibitions which included a display of [ Read more...]

Peer Socializing & Cocktail Event

This soiree was organized on Thursday, 6th October 2011. The night started off with a ‘friendliest competition’ to determine the most sociable person. Everyone was given a track sheet to record the number of new people that they interacted [ Read more...]

Community picnic

Work hard, play hard...

Early evening picnics on midweek holidays are rare, and even whether they can generate any genuine fun, especially in an academically [ Read more...]

Salsa night

On Thursday, 8th September 2011, a salsa night was organized and held in the party room. This was the first of its kind in the school community. The event was patronized by many students from the residence halls.  The event started off at 7 pm [ Read more...]

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I try hard to make myself seen and heard but I believe that committing oneself to the statutes of this institution is the greatest contribution one could make. Ashesi students are making ... [read in full]