Academic Support

See Student Handbook Section page 120-121

A program of academic support is available to help all students with difficulties they might encounter in their courses. There are no fees required for these supportive services. Students should refer any academic challenges to either the Dean of Academic Affairs or the Dean of Student and Community Affairs.

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre’s mission is to help identify individual writing problems, discuss ways of improving student writing and to promote writing as a way of learning and thinking clearly. The Centre also organizes seminars on time management, study skills and note taking. The writing centre is staffed by faculty, students and volunteers who are passionate about writing and language The centre is willing to help with almost any kind of writing: from your scientific lab report to an Economics or Sociological essay, from constructing an outline to polishing a final draft.

Programming Resource Centre

The Programming Resource Centre is an initiative of the Computer Science department and the Academic Council. It is staffed by experienced students who help other students by taking their time to explain various programming concepts. Programming resource center helps students develop their programming ability without the pressure of a classroom situation.

Math Resource Centre

The Math Resource Centre was established to acts as a support centre for students who need additional help in math and quantitative-related courses. Most of the current staff are students, the centre runs for at least 2 hours every working day and for 3 hours on Saturdays. The centre’s schedule has been tailored to suit the timetable of a wide range of students and also to give every student the opportunity to patronize this beneficial facility.