Honour Code

The office of student affairs oversees the implementation of the exam honor code. Suspected violations of the Exam Honour Code may be reported by intentionally omitting to sign the pledge, or by speaking directly with the Faculty member or the Dean of Students.

If a pledge is unsigned and unchecked, the student will be contacted in order to determine whether the student intentionally left the pledge unsigned. If the absence of signature was intentional, the faculty member or Dean of Student Affairs will investigate the matter further. Violations of the Exam Honour Code are adjudicated by the Ashesi Judicial Committee (AJC) as described in the Student Handbook.

Information about the AJC can be found in the student handbook (See student handbook page 141 section 4)

Honour Code

The adoption of an Examination Honour Code in 2008 marked a significant step in the history of Ashesi University. Read more about this event.

Honour code whitepaper

Honour code statement signed by Ashesi students

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