Setting up a student club

See Student Handbook Section 14 page 147-148

  1. Students interested in forming a new organization must first schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students. The meeting will include discussion about the mission and objectives of the proposed group, the number of students interested in starting the new organization, the resources available to these students, and a determination that the interest and needs of the proposed group are not already being met by an existing campus organization. At this meeting an action plan will be determined. The plan may be to proceed with the formal process of registering an organization, or to do more research or assessment of campus interest.
  2. Students must have at least 10 people interested in joining the new club before registering the organization.
  3. After the preliminary meeting and authorization, new groups must register with the Dean of Students in order to be officially recognized by the University. Registration forms are available at the Dean of Students. The registration process is as follows:
    • Send application letter to the Dean of Students.
    • Submit completed Registration Form
    • Submit completed Agreement Form

Penalty for Non compliance of rules and regulations for student organizations

  1. First offence – Verbal warning given to Executive members
  2. Second offence- Written warning
  3. Third offence – Suspension of association/ club for a semester
  4. Fourth offence- Termination of activity on campus

Privileges and responsibilities of registered student organizations

  • Registration is free and renewable every year.
  • Access to the support of the Dean of Students.

(*Note: The Dean of Students reserves the right to accept or reject applications.)