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Collectively Making History - A message from the President

Ashesi University’s student culture is a melting pot of varied experiences that continue to shape the lives of the young men and women who traverse the corners of the university, from the pioneering class of only about 35 students to the most recent group of freshmen who are still feeling their way about the school.

Not only representing a new revolution in transforming Africa via top-notch tertiary education, Ashesi also brings a group of eclectic young men and women together on a world-class campus. Being a student at Ashesi is a rare experience; it is a perfect blend of hard work and sweat, aptly mixed with unity and fun. As students, we build our values of scholarship, leadership and citizenship, while upholding the University’s Honor Code, as trust forms the backbone of our society.

At Ashesi, we have developed a tradition towards being there for one another and our first year at Berekuso has only strengthened that bond. From the mirthful rivalry between Arab Money and Walabele in the Ashesi Premier League to that between which graduating class is more vibrant, we certainly push one another towards achieving greater heights. Students become versatile and well-rounded that they are able to combine their schoolwork with extra-curricular activities and still maintain good grades.

Our influence thus goes far beyond these academic walls; starting from numerous cohesive community service projects targeted at improving the lives of our very own Berekuso folk, to distant Zedilla town of the Northern Region.

We have definitely come a long way, from our humble beginnings in Labone to our current home in Bereksuo. Nonetheless, just like any venture, challenges are not a hundred percent absent. With a world-class team, that is passionate, driven and also very committed to the cause of the Ashesi Student Council, I am confident we will be able to rightly serve the entire student body and in effect mitigate these challenges. The ASC has an open door policy that literally welcomes student ideas and solutions and also facilitates the free flow of information to students. We, as students, must understand that we have the power to change a lot of the circumstances around us and must hence play an integral role in doing so.

Ultimately, we must all understand that this community’s success is dependent on our collective efforts and not on any one man. As a society we will collectively make Ashesi happen; we will collectively make history. It is essential that every single person involved considers themselves as part of our community, for together we can truly be the inspirational change we seek.

Kwadwo Owusu-Adjei '13
Ashesi Student Council 

Honour Code

The adoption of an Examination Honour Code in 2008 marked a significant step in the history of Ashesi University. Read more about this event.

Honour code whitepaper

Honour code statement signed by Ashesi students

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