As a pioneer for liberal arts education in Africa, Ashesi's world-class model - designed to foster ethics, critical thinking and innovation - has inspired many universities across the continent. Our engineering programme, developed with support from local and international university partners, will add a strong complementary skillset to the growing community of young leaders we educate, and foster growth in Africa. 

Geared for Engineering Leadership 
Real-world design projects will challenge students to innovate for the communities they live in, and adapt existing technology for an African context. Students will gain confidence through collaboration with local and multinational partners, community service projects and field work. Through close collaboration with leaders in African industry, our Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering concentrations will provide leadership-level skill for telecom, oil and gas and manufacturing. Graduates will be prepared to work in large and medium enterprises, and be prepared to explore world-class graduate engineering programmes. 

Communication Skills, Teamwork & Entrepreneurship
Ashesi's engineering curriculum will prepare graduates to communicate effectively with their teams and the people they work for. Class team projects and presentations, including a year-long applied engineering project, will help students develop fundamental skills for building impactful businesses. 

Integrated into Our World-class Campus
Set on a campus that unites world-class technology, traditional design and environmental best practises, Ashesi's engineering facility will be an inspiring base for young Africans to collaborate and learn.