Ashesi-Swarthmore Economics Programme
9th June to 4th July

Ashesi Assistant professor Stephen Emmanuel Armah (PhD) and Dr. Erik Cheever of Swarthmore College will run an intensive programme to strengthen the quantitative competence of Ashesi students and alumni interested in pursuing graduate studies in Economics.  Participants will be taken through various Mathematics and Computer Science courses that are key to successful graduate work in economics and finance.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Leadership Programme
9th June to 9th August

This nine-week programme is a centre-piece of Ashesi’s four year programme for Mastercard Scholars at Ashesi. These scholars, during their time at Ashesi, are being trained to be capable, conscientious citizens and leaders who will initiate positive change in their communities. In preparing them for this mission, this specially designed curriculum will provide them with hard career and life skills, leadership and project management competencies, and problem solving and innovation abilities.

This is not a replacement for the academic requirements at Ashesi that prepares every student for a life of leadership, scholarship and citizenship; it is rather to consolidate what these scholars obtain from Ashesi so that they graduate absolutely confident of their capacity to deliver the positive change African societies seek. 

The Ashesi-Microsoft Programming Skill-Building Class
23rd June - 27th June

This one-week Computer Science training session, led by Ashesi lecturer Aelaf Dafla, will be co-taught with two visiting instructors from Microsoft. The session will provide skills training and career guidance for Ashesi juniors and seniors to further expose them to the skill requirements and career opportunities in today’s dynamic programming industry.

Introductory Venture Capital Course
14th July - 18th July

This programme is a one-week intensive program that takes participants through the concept of venture capital (VC) as an alternative financing strategy for start-ups. The course will be based on contents of the VC 7 modules curriculum: the role of VC in the entrepreneurial process, in the private equity asset class, and in the economic and social progress of Sub Saharan Africa; structuring a VC fund and the capital fund raising process, defining the investment; assessing the company; valuation, deal structuring, and closing process; value generation process; and the exit process.

The modules will be delivered through lectures, case study discussions and testimonials from experts, policy makers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. It will be co-led by faculty and experts from Ghana and the United Kingdom.

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