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Scholarships at Ashesi

Through Ashesi’s generous Scholarship Program, we make a great education available to those who otherwise could not afford it. Thanks to a $13 million partnership with The MasterCard Foundation in Canada, Ashesi is awarding significant financial support to qualified students. Students who win scholarships will be eligible for full or partial financial support to cover their tuition fees, text books, housing, and meals.

Payment of Tuition Fees

Ashesi’s academic year consist of two semesters. Commencing August/September 2014, students and their families can expect the following expenses each semester.

  Nationals      Internationals

Tuition and Books

Medical insurance (fee can be waived
with proof of other private medical insurance)


On-campus housing (optional)

Meal plan (Optional. This is the lowest payment
plan o
ption. Click here to learn more about meal plans at Ashesi)

Early payment discount

Additional charge (per semester) for
"Two Installments" payment plan

Additional charge (per semester) for 
"Four Installments" payment plan








3% fee

6% fee








3% fee

6% fee














In addition to the above expenses, we encourage parents to budget an additional GHs1,000 / $300 per semester to cover personal expenses and incidentals.

Ashesi has very flexible payment plans for families who cannot pay the balance in full at the start of the semester. For a nominal fee, families have the option of making payments twice a semester or four times a semester. Families who pay the balance due in full before the due date will receive a tuition discount. Be sure to apply for financial support if you need it.

Study Abroad

Study abroad: student administration fee
Study abroad: housing student
NYU study abroad: tuition per course



  • All fees are subject to review each semester, and semester expenses may vary.
  • When making housing decisions, the university gives priority to students living outside Accra.
  • Scholarship awards vary depending on proven need, academic potential and availability of funds.