Semester Schedule

Ashesi's academic calendar is divided into two semesters. Students typically take four semester units per semester. A semester unit (typically 42 classroom contact hours and 14 discussion/lab contact hours) is defined as three (3) hours per week of classroom time and 1 or 1.5 hours of discussion/lab time per week over a period of sixteen weeks.

August (Fall Semester) 2014


Classes begin for Continuing Students
Sept. 1st
End of adding and dropping of courses
Sept. 15th
Classes Begin for Freshmen
Sept. 15th
Mid-Semester break for all students
Oct. 27th  - 31st
Classes resume
Nov. 3rd
Last day of classes for Continuing Students
Dec. 10th
Dec. 11th - 12th
Final exams for Continuing Students
Dec. 15th - 19th
Christmas break begins
Dec. 19th
Classes resume for Freshmen 5th Jan 2015
End of Semester Exam for Freshmen 12th - 16th Jan 2015
End of 1st Semester for Freshmen 16th Jan 2015


  • Founder's Day (21 September)
  • Eid al Adha (3rd October)
  • National Farmer's Day (5th December)
  • Christmas (25th – 26th December)

Jan (Spring Semester) 2015


Classes continue for Freshmen
Jan 5th
End of Semester Exams for Freshmen
Jan 12th - 16th 
End of 1st Semester for Freshmen
Jan 16th
Spring Semester Begins for Continuing Students
Jan 12th
End of adding and dropping of courses
Jan 26th
Spring Semester Starts for Freshmen
Feb 2nd 
Advising Week
Feb 23rd - 27th
Mid-Semester break for all students
March 9th - 13th 
Classed Resume
 March 16th 
Last Day of Classes for Seniors
April 15th  
Final Exams for Seniors
April 20th - 24th
Last Day of Classes for Continuing Students
April 21st
Final Exams for Continuing Students
April 24th - May 1st
End of Spring Semester for Continuing Students
May 1st
Last Day of Classes for Freshmen
May 13th 
Final Exam for Freshmen
May 18th - 22nd
End of Spring Semester 
May 22nd
2015 Graduation
June 20th


  • New Year's Day. (1 January)
  • Independence Day.( 6 March)
  • Good Friday. (3 April)
  • Easter Monday. (6 April)
  • Labour Day. (1 May)
  • Africa Day. (25 May)
  • Republic Day. (1 Jul)

All dates are subject to change