Engineering a Better Africa

In our first decade, Ashesi University established a track record of empowering young Africans with the motivation and the skills to address Africa’s challenges. We foster ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship in a diverse, [ Read more ...]

The McNulty Match Towards Engineering a Better Africa

Engineering Match - $100,000 to Double Your Gift

The John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation has offered a matching gift to help launch construction of Ashesi’s new engineering building this fall. All gifts - [ Read more ...]

2013: Ashesi E-Brochure

Why Ashesi? Because lasting progress in Africa will only be achieved when young Africans develop the motivation, and the skills, to create their own solutions to Africa’s challenges. Read more about Ashesi's curriculum, graduates and [ Read more ...]

2009: Ashesi and the Environment PDF

This one page pdf document briefly describes how Ashesi faculty and students are engaging environmental issues affecting modern Africa.

Download: Ashesi and the Environment PDF

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2009: Ashesi and the Empowerment of Women PDF

Download this one page document which describes some of the exciting initiatives on campus to help improve the lives of African women.

Download: Ashesi and the Empowerment of Women PDF

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2007 Community Report

Ashesi's 2007 Community Report features stories from our students, alumni and faculty, as well as our vision for growth. This is a great document to forward to friends who are learning about Ashesi for the first time. Download: 2007 report.

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