An important aspect of the campus culture is the presence of clubs and societies and activities emanating from these institutions. Clubs and societies provide avenues for students to develop stronger relationships, test out their ideas, sharpen organizational and communication skills, gain managing and leadership experience and broaden their horizons outside academic life. Each club and society is committed to upholding Ashesi’s values of scholarship, leadership and citizenship and organizes events that add to the campus culture. Ashesi Business week, the Entrepreneurship Fair, ASC Week and the ARM Pinnacle are all aspects of Ashesi campus life that resonate with past and present students and which originate from the student institutions on campus. Each year students start new clubs which helps to create a more dynamic campus.

Alphabetical Listing

African Renaissance Movement (ARM)

The ARM is a student movement that offers a platform for young people in the university community to discuss ideas and problems affecting Africa and attempting solutions to them. The movement recognizes that one major bane of Africa is a crisis [ Read more ...]

African Technology Forum Ashesi

ATF Ashesi is a chapter of African Technology Forum based at Ashesi (ATF was started at MIT by African students, to promote and publicize technology in Africa). ATF is an ecosystem of designers, tech enthusiasts, problem-solvers, researchers, [ Read more ...]

AgriPro Club

The aim of this club is to encourage students, and recent graduates to be actively involved in agribusiness. To create the platform for research and capacity building to increase productivity and efficiency of Agriculture in Africa. We wish [ Read more ...]

Ashesi Business Club

Ashesi Business Club is a club that aims at reinvigorating the business culture on campus. We are extending open invitations to all students (CS and MIS students included) who are interested in business and networking.  ABC provides a platform [ Read more ...]

Ashesi Google Club

This is a club headed by the Google Student Ambassador of every academic year. Its primary aim is to promote the use of Google products here on campus. This semester, the club plans on organizing a 'Google AdWords' training to teach both the [ Read more ...]

Ashesi Manga Club

The Ashesi Manga Club is a club that is open for all those that are passionate about animations, both on paper and on computers. This club aims to enforce students' creativity skills in terms of illustrative and expressive art. Our vision as The [ Read more ...]

Ashesi MUN Club

Ashesi Model United Nations seeks to explore the world of international diplomacy through the structured debates model on the United Nations. This club teaches its members the skills of diplomacy, as well as offers a platform to improve public [ Read more ...]

Ashesi Photography Club

The Ashesi Photography Club is a newly formed club that seeks to bring together Faculty, Staff and Students with an interest in the field of photography. Its aim is to create an environment in which people can explore their interest in the field [ Read more ...]

Ashesi Research and Development Network

The Ashesi Research and Development Network or the Research Club is an organization which seeks to kindle the passion and love for research in members, and the Ashesi Community as a whole, through mini projects and interactions with faculty. It [ Read more ...]

Beat Club

Beat Club, founded in 2011, is a club dedicated to unearthing and showcasing talents of students in the areas of music production, rapping, singing, spoken word and other forms. We seek to entertain and educate the student body with music as our [ Read more ...]

Google Developers Group Ashesi [GDG Ashesi]

GDG Ashesi is Ashesi’s chapter of the worldwide community of developers and is a vibrant conclave of free-thinkers, designers and programmers that are committed to creating an atmosphere for powering innovation and driving [ Read more ...]

International Students Club

The International Students Club is an association of students from outside Ghana who are enrolled at Ashesi. It was started in 2007 by two students who are now alumni. The club has a membership of about 20 students from over ten countries. The [ Read more ...]


The iStandAbove Organisation is a binational association (located in Ghana & USA) which is aimed at personal development in high school youth; specifically Ghanaian youth who are unconsciously taught to grow up timid. The three core values of [ Read more ...]

Kingdom Christian Fellowship (KCF)

The Kingdom Christian Fellowship is a Christian organisation in Ashesi. Founded on the very principles emphasized in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, the Kingdom Christian Fellowship serves as a platform where christains at Ashesi meet to [ Read more ...]

Pencils of Promise Club

For members of Pencils of Promise Ashesi, the word "impossible" is a dare to prove that, indeed, the world can be changed though access to education and the zest of an impassioned generation. As such, since it is inception, the club has been [ Read more ...]

Photography Club

The Ashesi Photography Club is a newly formed club that seeks to bring together Faculty, Staff and Students with an interest in the field of photography. Its aim is to create an environment in which people can explore their interest in the field [ Read more ...]

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club of Ashesi aims at helping its members to develop professional and leadership skills, emphasize respect for others based on the recognition of the worth of each individual while developing knowledge and understanding the needs, [ Read more ...]

Speak Club.

Speak! is a new club at Ashesi dedicated to helping students improve their presentation skills. Inspired by groups like Toastmasters (as well as films like 'The Great Debaters' and 'The Breakfast Club), the club hosts entertaining, educative and [ Read more ...]

The Arts Factory Club.

The Arts Factory is a nexus point for several of Ashesi's most creative students in the areas of drama, dancing, singing, and drawing. We regularly host Ashesi's end of year plays (written and performed by students) and this semester we are [ Read more ...]

The Ashesi Real Estate Club

The Ashesi Real Estate Club (REC) was established in collaboration with an industry partner, Ghana Home Loans, in response to students wanting to learn about the real estate industry, and to help students appreciate opportunities in the [ Read more ...]