Even though Ashesi has a strict no-cooking policy on campus, we have a cafeteria that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am till about 8pm. The university has a meal plan system designed to meet different student food needs, and to make it easier for guardians to manage meal funds for their wards.

Students can pre-pay a fixed amount of money into a student meal account (accessed with a student's ID card) and use this money over a semester for food at the university cafeteria. The different payment plans (estimated to cover 3 meals a day for a variety of budgets and feeding needs) are expected to be as follows:

Daily Cost*
Daily Cost*           *
Semester Cost**
Semester Cost**
GHs18.00 $7.50  GHs2,016 $840
GHs20.00 $8.50 GHs2,285 $952
GHs24.00 $10.00 GHs2,688 $1120
GHs28.00 $11.50 GHs3,091 $1288








** Semester costs are based on a 16 week semester = 112 days
* These figures are subject to change depending on prices of goods and services

At this time, the meal plan is optional. Students can either make full or part payment for meals into the same accounts for the payment of tuition and housing. However, please make sure this payment is made separate of your tuition and/or housing fees, and the receipt clearly states that the payment is for your Ashesi meal plan.

Students should provide meal plan payment receipts to Ashesi at least three (3) business days before reporting to campus.

Ashesi also has a mini-café in the residence hall that serves sandwiches, pastries and drinks. The residence halls also have several shared kitchenettes with kettles, microwaves and fridges for students to have some food from home or outside campus.

P.S. Students with special feeding needs (e.g. vegetarians, lactose intolerant persons) should notify the Office of Student Affairs as soon as they become aware of this need.