“We must challenge ourselves to be the ones who will change this content. We will be the beautiful ones that this continent needs and we must have the conviction that we can do it.” These profound words spoken by Dr. Patrick Awuah describe the conviction with which I believe we can take step towards fostering a deeper sense of unity within the student body. 

Next year Ashesi will welcome its first batch of engineering students, ushering us into the Second Phase of our journey. We believe it is important that we review the structures we currently have in place to ensure that they join a thriving community. In doing this, we have decided to take a critical look at one of our three pillars; citizenship.

We hope to build a strong Ashesi culture in which we can bond better with each other while appreciating the diversity amongst us. Our vision is to foster a deeper sense of unity through an Ashesi Culture even as we sustain and improve upon the great initiatives that have been started by past student governments. We have the conviction that together, we can do this as a community. And we will.

Esther Yaa Pokua Addei '16